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ourschoolThe “Montessori-Repetti” Institute, comprising four different courses of study, is one of the gems in Carrara’s system of higher education. It has gained recognition over the years especially for its ready adherence to advanced pedagogic experimentation in the field of secondary school reform. At the present time, the Institute is on three different sites: the main one, in Via Lunense, houses the Socio-Psycho-pedagogical “Liceo”, the 3rd to 5th years of the Social Sciences “Liceo” and the 1st and 2nd year students of the new course in Human Sciences and the Socio-economic branch of the same. mini-1Liceo LinguisticoThe park of Villa Ceci, at the end of Via Marco Polo, houses the “Liceo” specialising in modern languages while the Grammar School section is on Viale XX Settembre. Its present set up dates back to 1999 when the Montessori Teaching Institute, founded in 1953, joined the Repetti Grammar School which originated in 1860. In 1985, well in advance of national changes in the format of teacher-training institutes, Montessori had already begun an experimental course in Modern Languages (M of E Decree dated 9.5.1985) on its subsidiary site in Villa Ceci. This was to be just the first of many innovative steps, in accordance with national guidelines, which made theInstitute one of the leading protagonists in the transformation of the Italian school system. Based on experiments conducted nationwide, the Italian Ministry of Education issued a Circular ( #27 of 1991) specifying the characteristics, curricula and timetables of two new High School courses of study (Modern Languages and socio-pedagogical) and, from that time on, Montessori became an institute of national Hence, over the ensuing years, it was able to independently exploit the opportunities offered by the National IT Plan and the directives of the experimental Brocca programmes such that changes in the old Teacher Training Institute came about in a climate of general broad-based approval. For these reasons, the Institute has been officially acknowledged as a pole for didactic and pedagogic research. When at the end of 1997, the proposal to experiment a Social Sciences “Liceo”, emerged from the overall scheme of High School Reform, the “Montessori Liceo” promptly adhered in accordance with the new autonomy officially granted to schools and inaugurated the new course from the school year 1998/99 onwards. The following year (1999/2000) saw the replacement of the Modern languages course (as defined by the M of E Circular #27 of 1991) with the reformed course of Modern Languages and the new Socio-Psycho-pedagogical Course. mini-1HPIM2844The Repetti Grammar school, member of the Regi Ginnasi since 1892, has played its part in this reorganization by instituting an experimental course in physics (in the 1990s) in the first two classes of Lower High School (Ginnasio), later substituted by adherence to the National IT Plan. While maintaining the School’s traditional emphasis on its core subjects, programmes have been introduced from 2000/2001 to sustain Maths, Foreign Language and Art History so as to offer a more complete and up-to-date formation. From the past school year (2010/2011) new courses devised by the Gelmini Reform, are also available. The four “Licei” of the Montessori-Repetti Institute, therefore, offer a broad spectrum of academic and vocational opportunities. Whatever the course chosen, the student will encounter our main aims which are: to provide a thorough cultural foundation, to encourage a sense of critical intelligence, to sustain personal formation and growth so as to bring out the best in each individual and to create a responsible and useful future citizen. It is our task to integrate every student in the culture to which he/she belongs: it is fundamental to us to ensure that each of our pupils, whatever his/her personal aptitudes may be, is exposed to the linguistic, literary, philosophical, anthropological, scientific, artistic and religious knowledge and traditions which are the basis of Western civilization. Our students' educational success is a primary goal for us and stems from motivational support and the attention we pay to learning methods. It is our intention to find a way to stimulate our students’ motivation and interest while not failing to take into account their particular skills. Nor do we underestimate the importance of the individual’s starting point in education, psychological condition and personal growth. While focusing on determined areas, according to the chosen course of study (literary, linguistic, human and social sciences), our Institute also offers a broad-based preparation enabling students to go on to various other branches of further education. Attention to training and to the world of work, combined with our diverse connections with the social and productive realities of our territory, also provide our students with various options in the many fields of non-academic vocational training.


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